Posted on May 28, 2021

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New Post: Washer Repair In OKC – My Washer Will Not Fill With Water?

Repairman repairing washing machine at kitchen

When my laundry is overflowing it is typically because I am too lazy to put a load of dirty laundry in the washing machine just to find that it is not filling up with water.

Finding the cause of the problem and scheduling a professional repair can help to solve the problem. There is more than one reason why my washing machine is not filled with water, and it is frustrating to find out. If your washing machine is not full due to a water problem it could be due to a drain hose, please check the correct configuration for drain hoses and stanchions. Once the water in the washing machine has drained and you have inspected the hose and pump lid switch but still cannot locate a problem, you need to call for help. Our experienced technicians will be happy to help you and if you have any difficulties in making a diagnosis, contact us for more information.

Check the filter and water valve of your washing machine for water coming out of the filling hose at an appropriate flow rate. If the hose is just kinked, simply straighten it up and try the washing machines again to check if it is filled correctly.

If your laundry pump does not fill or fill slowly, check the check valve. Click learn more.

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