Posted on Jul 14, 2021

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New Post: Ice Maker Service And Repairs In Oklahoma City – My Ice Maker Isn’t Working?

Young Male Repairman Fixing Ice Maker In Kitchen

To fix a refrigerator with a French door that doesn't make ice, make sure the ice maker is turned off. Straighten all kinks and avoid others by making sure the fridge does not push against the wall. Often the problem is that your ice maker is not working properly or that the water dispenser is not working properly.

Once you have found the water inlet valve, check that the screen or filter is clogged with dirt. Check the valve by disconnecting the refrigerator and turning off the valve and water supply. If you decide to replace the water valve, also check that no current is coming to the refrigerator.

You can also check if the problem is related to the water pipe connected to the back of your refrigerator. Check that the pipe is connected to the inlet valve and is not bent or twisted.

When it is time for the ice maker to fill with water, it sends a signal that the water inlet valve is open. Water flows out of the supply pipe and enters the ice maker through the valve. If there is a problem with the inlet valves and the ice makers do not get water from the water pipe, then all isn't well.

If the solenoid valves fail, the water inlet valve does not open and the water doesn't get to the ice maker. Click learn more.

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