Posted on Mar 31, 2021

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New Post: Refrigerator Repair OKC – My Refrigerator Is Too Warm?

Technician Checking Refrigerator With Screwdriver

One of the most common reasons refrigerators and freezers are not cold is the contamination of the capacitor coils. In this post I will talk about a freezer that looks good but its parts are warm and a fridge that is warm.

Dirty coils are less able to cool the refrigerant, which means that the refrigerator is not working and the freezer are not in order. If the evaporator coils are covered with frost, the refrigerator does not cool down and its fans have to circulate warm air because of clogging.

It may be that there is more problems with the freezer in the refrigerator and the fans are working. In this case check the temperature controller. If everything in your fridge is frozen, but the freezer is still cool and it seems as if the controls are set to the center point, it is likely that the problem is not caused by an air flow problem. This is because the fan blows in cool air when the freezer door is open, but stops when it is closed.

If you still get very low temperatures, you may have a problem with the cold control, but the freezer works perfectly and the fans work in the refrigerator. If your fridge is not working, the settings are correct and your freezer appears to be unlocked, we will fix this for you.

A common part malfunction is when your freezer is cold and your refrigerator is warm but your freezer has been cold. Click learn more.
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