Posted on Nov 11, 2020

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New Post: Refrigerator Repair Service In OKC – My Refrigerator Has Quit Running?

Technician Checking Refrigerator With Screwdriver

If your fridge or freezer suddenly stops cooling and stops freezing, you have several solutions. If your freezer is working but not cold enough to freeze properly, check the unit temperature to see if it is not cold enough.

Depending on what causes your fridge to fail to keep your perishable food cold enough, following this procedure can be helpful. If you follow these instructions and still wonder why the refrigerator is not cold, there may be a problem with the evaporator fan motor, which is exactly what your freezer is and why it is cold. If the engine fails, the fan cannot move the cold air, and the refrigerator runs noisy and warm. You will find that your fridge is not cooled, but its freezer was cold and you are in the freezer. If you followed the instructions above, but still wonder if there is a problem with your cooling system, this is probably not the problem.

If the condenser fan is not working, your refrigerator needs to suck in air and run for a while to compensate for the fact that the fan is no longer working.

If the compressor, evaporator or fan do not work as they should, the temperature of your refrigerator will continue to rise. If your fridge is working, check that it has not cooled down because its temperature is too high. Read this article to learn more about what to do if your fridge is not: Click learn more.
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