Posted on Jul 21, 2021

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New Post: Ice Maker Repair OKC – My Ice Maker Freezes Up?

Refrigerator is making fresh clean ice cubes.

If the lack of ice is due to sub-zero temperatures, the ice maker freezes the ice into a jam. The machine produces ice with a small amount of water slush that does not freeze until the ice is harvested.

When the refrigerator is at a good temperature, the water in the inlet pipe of the ice maker freezes and stops before it can start. To fix this, take a hair dryer (medium or low set) and blow warm air into the pipe until the collected ice melts and drips. If the small amounts of water or slush do not freeze while the ice is being harvested, the frozen ice in the Maker will become blocked and new ice will fall into the ice bucket.

If the inlet pipe is not frozen, the next step is to check the water filter and freezing temperature. You may need to replace the water filters if your freezer is too cold to try to raise the temperature. The thawing of frozen intake tubes can also cause your food to thaw.

You can also remove the water pipe from the fridge and thaw the ice in the sink. Thaw the fan on the ice maker's screw mount, and when the ice maker thaws, it switches itself into thawing mode.

Look at the ice in the ice mold to make sure the motor is turned off and the ice ejector is working properly. Click learn more.

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