Posted on Jun 10, 2021

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New Post: Refrigerator Repair In Edmond Ok – My Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Correctly?

Technician Checking Refrigerator With Screwdriver

One of the most common reasons refrigerators and freezers are not cold enough is the contamination of the capacitor coils. In this post I will address one of my reasons for the not cold enough fridge. The most common reason your fridge is hot and your freezer cold is because you are polluting condensers and coils!

Be it because your fridge does not close the door completely, and it is not as closed as it should be. Or if you hear a clicking noise from the back of your fridge or freezer, the problem may be that the compressor overheats, does not get power properly or does not start. If your fridge cools properly but the fan seems fine, then a defective evaporator fan is probably the reason. However, if the fridge does not cool properly and it does not get cold, and if it is not cold enough, your problem may be tied to the mechanism of the fridge that is not working as planned. In addition to the operation of a fan or improper performance of the compressors, faulty compressions can also be a problem.

Once you have established that everything is working perfectly and is free of dirt, the problem for the compressors will not be bad. Click learn more.

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