Posted on Jul 19, 2021

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New Post: Refrigerator Repairs OKC – My Refrigerator is Freezing My Food?

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If your refrigerator freezes food, you may wonder why this happens to me so often. In this article we answer some questions about how your fridge freezes food for us.

Food at the bottom of the refrigerator freezes because the refrigerator does not have enough food to absorb cold air. If the refrigerator temperature is set too low, the refrigerator gets too cold and starts freezing food.

If food has a high water content, you can store it in the coldest part of the fridge until it freezes. The kitchen is cold enough to lower the temperature of your fridge below what it should be. As recommended by the manufacturer, if you are freezing food in the refrigerator, consider raising the temperature to 39-40 degrees Celsius to keep the food safe and not freeze it.

In some cases, in-house technical service may be required to repair the refrigerator. The refrigerator must be filled to absorb the cold air escaping from the cavity. When the cavity is empty, this cold air sinks into the bottom of the cavity and freezes your food.

This may not seem like an obvious solution, but your refrigerator will work better when it is supplied with food. Click learn more.

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