Posted on Feb 11, 2021

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New Post: Refrigerator Repair Service Oklahoma City – My fridge’s temperature isn’t cold enough?

repairman repairing fridge with customer

One of the most common reasons refrigerators and freezers are not cold is dirt and debris on the condenser coils. A dirty coil can also cause the compressor of the refrigerator to work harder to keep it cold. In this post I will mention the fact that the refrigerator is not cold enough and the reason why it is not. If your fridge is warm, there may be problems with the cooling system and the motor of the fridge. Our customers in Edmond OK on Thatcher street appreciate our appliance repair services too.

If the fan motor fails, the fan can't move the cold air and you'll find your fridge doesn't cool down. When the ambient temperature rises to about 50 degrees, your refrigerator will become too hot to cool properly.

The longer your refrigerator takes to cool your food and is unable to maintain the temperature it should have, the longer it can use the cooling capacity it should use for its coolants. If your fridge or freezer is not cooled to the correct temperature, the reason for the spoiled food is not a lack of cooling power, but the inability of the fridge to do its job properly. Your fridge loses cooling power because it has literally lost the coolant that generates cold air. Even if your refrigerator does its job properly, switching off the temperature control (or colder if you put in a large load of food) Click learn more.
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