Posted on Jan 11, 2021

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New Post: Water Heater Repair Service OKC – Water Heater Is Leaking?

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You have just found your water heater in a puddle of water, and the stagnant water is due to a nearby pipe or appliance. You might wonder if the top is leaking because your gas or water heater is leaking, or if it could be because it is leaking at the bottom. If you have a leaking water heater, one possibility is associated with the rain, but another, if you find it only in puddles of water, could it be the water in the bottom of the heater?

If you find that your water heater leaks right after you turn it on and the water drains off after you warm it up, it is probably simple condensation water.

Have your appliance repair technician or replace the T & P valve if you still have the top valve on the water heater after setting the temperature, or if the valve leaks even at moderate temperatures. Normally, the leak can be repaired at any temperature with a pressure relief valve and this connection can be repaired.

If you are still unable to find the source of the leak, or if you have a leak that occurs in another part of your water heater, it may require the attention of your local heating expert. If you decide to repair your leaking water heaters, please include a list of all possible repair options such as pressure relief valves, pressure reducers and pressure regulator valves. Follow the instructions below to assemble water: Click learn more.
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