Posted on Apr 1, 2021

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New Post: Freezer Repair OKC – Frost is Building Up In My Freezer?

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If you're wondering why there's frost in your freezer, the quick answer is that moisture in some form will get into the freezer. When you open and close your freezer, the air enters and the moist air freezes in the freezers, which can form an excessive amount of frost. Frost can occur on the outside of your fridge, freezer or even in the refrigerator itself.

This frost builds up over time in your freezer and, if you do not remove it, can affect the quality and efficiency of your freezer.

If you notice more frost than usual, it is worth checking your freezer, especially if you know that you cannot close the freezer without food popping out or being taken out. If the door seal is bad, frost will form on the doors of your refrigerator, freezer and sometimes on the packages.

A crack, crack or gap in the seal can cause moist air to enter the freezer and cause cooling problems. Frost can also affect food and lead to a condition known as freezing or freezer burned food. It can build up if you put food that is still steaming hot in the freezer and cause problems with the evaporator. If things go badly, ice can form in the evaporators, causing the fridge or freezer to warm up and cover with fluffy frost or ice.

Freezing not only eats up precious storage space in the freezer, but can also lead to unpleasant odors and freezing: Click learn more.
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