Posted on Jan 12, 2021

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New Post: Refrigerator Repair Service OKC -Refrigerator and Freezer Are Too Warm?
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It may seem that if your refrigerator is warm and your freezer is warm, why isn't your fridge cold, it may seem like a mystery. Some fridges and freezers seem to be warm when they are cold, and other fridges and freezers are cold when it is cold. But the question "Is my fridge warm or is my freezer still cooling?" can often leave more questions than answers.

The most common reason that refrigerators and freezers are not cold enough is a dirty condenser coil. If your fridge is warm and your freezer is cold and it is warmer than that, then a dirtier condenser coil is a common reason. Many fridges and freezers are warm when they're colder, but they're not cold when it's warm.

The evaporator fan circulates cold air through the refrigerator without clogging it up, but if the evaporator coil is covered with frost, it can cause the refrigerator to become too warm and not cool down. When the freezer starts to produce ice, it doesn't mean it's at the right temperature, just that it's too warm. Ice begins to collect on the condenser coil when parts of the defrosting system of a refrigerator start to fail, making it harder to stay cool.

If your fridge is warmer than normal and running noisy, you may have a problem with the condenser, fan or engine. If your fridge or freezer is cold, it may be due to a defective evaporator or fan motor: Click learn more.
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