Posted on Jun 1, 2021

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New Post: Dryer Repair OKC – My Dryer Does Not Tumble?

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When it comes to clothes dryer problems, you might expect it to manifest as a problem where the dryers do not start. If the dryer is not turned on, there are a few things you need to check if it doesn't turn off at all, it's probably for another reason.

There are three possible causes if the dryer starts up but the drum refuses to turn. These are: it will be due to a problem with belts, pulleys or motors, and it will either start or it will not. There is a possibility that the dryer will start up and the drums will refuse to turn, but there is also a possibility that it will not start up.

If the tumble dryer does not start, consider the question: "Does the power source work properly?." If the tumble dryers do not start, fix the error code on the dryer console, turn off the parental control, and check the circuit breaker for electrical problems to resolve the problem with the dryer that does not turn on or off. If your dryer is not able to start or you have other repair problems with the your dryer, please call us at 405-378-4566.

We can ensure that your tumble dryer is properly serviced and that you can dry your clothes safely. Click learn more.

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