Posted on Jul 28, 2021

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New Post: Ice Maker Repairs Oklahoma City – My Ice Maker Has Stopped Working?

ice maker needs repair

The ice maker receives water from a small 1 / 4 inch water pipe that leads from the refrigerator water pipe to the water filter. The water supply leads to a water filling valve on the refrigerator, which is controlled by the thermostat.

The water flow from the supply line passes through a water inlet valve and enters the ice maker. The water filling valve in the refrigerator, controlled by an ice maker thermostat, sends the pipe filled with water to the mechanical ice maker, which also includes the ice mould.

If the water pressure in the valve is sufficient, use a multimeter to check the performance of the valve. If the water inlet valve is defective or has too little pressure, it does not allow the water to flow. If there is a problem with the inlet valves, the ice maker will not receive water, even if the water pipe is good.

If you decide to replace the water valve, check that it can be supplied with electricity. Take off your refrigerator and turn off the water pipe during troubleshooting. Apply caution and keep the hair dryer away from the water source to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Check that the ice maker module is plugged into the refrigerator itself. Click learn more.

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