Posted on Jul 15, 2021

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New Post: Washer Service And Repairs In Oklahoma City – My Washer Isn’t Filling With Water?

Repairman repairing washing machine at kitchen

Check the condition of the hose and replace it if it shows signs of wear. You should be able to see where the hose comes from the back of your washing machine and is connected to the tap for hot and cold water. Make sure the water is turned off and the hose unit has no kinks.

If so, it is easy to switch the tap from hot to cold water by straightening the hoses. If you follow these steps and your washing machine is not full, there may be a problem with your selector switch or water temperature.

Some washing machines have a water level switch that controls the amount of water that enters the machine to prevent filling. Some washing machines, especially newer models, also allow you to select your water temperature (hot or cold) for each cycle.

The most common culprit for a washing machine that doesn't fill up is a clogged water inlet valve. A clogged or damaged filter prevents your machine from filling up, which means that it needs to be replaced if it is a problem. Hot and cold fill the machine on rare days when the hot and cold valves are defective.

If you hear a buzz and very little water enters the machine, chances are that the filling valve screen is plugged in. Click learn more.

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