Posted on Nov 12, 2020

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New Post: Freezer Repair Service In OKC -There Is A Sheet Of Ice On The Bottom Of The Freezer?

Serviceman Repairing Freezer With Toolbox In Kitchen

There are many reasons to see ice growing in the freezer, but fortunately there are some ways to prevent this in the future. Let's take a look at how often you should defrost the freezer and a few ways to defrost it quickly.

If you notice a large layer of ice at the bottom of your freezer for the first time, you can quickly thaw it with a heat source. To make sure the ice is completely gone and all the holes and drains are free, pull out the freezer and remove the plastic case on the back from the inside and take it outside. If you move it outwards and defrost it, you have less mess to clean up. There are a few things you can do to help if you have set your fridge or freezer to a cold setting and end up with rock hard ice.

If you have a bottom freezer, I recommend taking the door off before you try to replace the gasket. If your freezer is down and the power is out or it looks like there will be no power soon, you can open the freezer while a repair operation is underway. You should consider what foods you don't have while the repair workers are on the road, such as food from the local grocery store or from a local gas station.

If you notice a problem in your freezer, check if the back wall of the freezer is cold, if not, this could be the cause of frostbite. Try to open a fridge door and see if it: Click learn more.
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