Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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New Post: Freezer Repair Service OKC – Freezer Isn’t Freezing? 

Before you can start diagnosing your freezer, you should know a few things. The reasons why a freezer does not freeze could be relatively simple, and we explain 6 common reasons for this error. This includes having the freezer in the right place and keeping it in the right position, but it could also be the reason why it does not freeze. Get a refrigerator or freezer thermometer to check the temperature of your freezing point to make sure it has reached the minus degrees you need. It is also a good idea to test the temperatures of all your freezers with both the fridge and freezer.

It is also possible that problems with the self-de-icing system are caused by frost on the evaporator coil, which inhibits cooling. If the freezer does not cool down to a sufficient temperature, this may mean that the compressor has difficulty starting up. The compressor in your freezer runs empty - but able to freeze a block of ice firmly.

If your freezer is full of frost, the air intake from the fridge could be frozen or blocked. Frost is also caused by moisture, and when the drainpipes of the freezer freeze, moisture can cause the frost on the evaporator coil, which freezes moisture.

A faulty start relay means that the compressor cannot function and the refrigerator does not get cold. If your freezer fan is still running and your fridge is not cold, your compressor and its start relays could be bad. Click learn more.
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